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webmaster, 2010 - present

GymnasticsMA is a Massachusetts-based gymnastics portal, sponsored and advertised statewide by dozens of academies. It is divided into two sections: visitors can view information about the organization, and then look for a school close to them. This site uses a Google Maps applet to allow visitors to browse schools by location.

Size J Engine

Jazz History Database
WPI On-campus Coordinator, 2009 - present

The Jazz History Database is a project based out of WPI in Worcester, MA, aiming to document local jazz musicians and artists and archive their work for future generations. The site was first developed in 2002, and has since become a nationally-acclaimed collection of jazz artifacts.

RGA Ad Board

RGA Ad Board
webmaster, 2011 - present

The RGA Ad Board is a free advertisement service for members of the Reading Gymnastics Academy. Members can post ads for all visitors to see and respond to. The software is being written from the ground up and will include an administrative interface for approving or modifying listings.